Thursday, August 2, 2007

Little Bit More

Still working on this larger painting. All day in fact. Twelve hours yesterday and ten today. Maybe tomorrow it will be finished. Who knows. It may be next month! Here's a little bit more. Sorta gives it away, but not all the way. There more to come!
Hint: It's a love story.

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Mary said...

I think this is a koi(?), quoi(?), coy(?), a big gold fish laying eggs under a waterlily leaf. Am I right?? It looks beautiful so far even if you aren't revealing the entire piece yet. I had an instructor tell me once that a successful painting is one that you can cover it up and only reveal small sections of it and even if the painting is a representational piece, the smaller sections revealed will make beautiful abstracts that work as well as the whole. You've done that here. Kuddos!