Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanks, I Needed That

I've just come off of some much needed R & R.

My sister's birthday was just the reason I needed to get down home and visit my family. We shared a nice day at the park.

Happy Birthday Tina

(Bobby, photographer)

Tina and AJ

AJ tooks some pictures for me to paint. I love this one.

Be looking for it in my new design work.

"Back Beach with Bobby"

5x7 Oil, Plein air study

Of course, I got some painting in.

Bobby's Plein Air Study

Watercolor, 7x10

And so did Bobby.

Bobby working on his painting.

Of course, "the baby", Rebekah, is a budding artist too!


harriett said...

Hey Michel,
Looks like you had a nice time . . . we don't always know how stressed and tired we are until we take some time off. BTW, I saw "Love At First Sight" in person at the State Fair and the photos here don't do it justice - the depth of the water, your color choices and composition are masterful.
I'm a McNinch groupie!!

Ebb Tide said...

You look happy w/ your sister. Relaxing in the park is inspiring time for me too. I like your plein air painting on the Beach W/ Bobby.

Nance said...

Hi Michel,
Got your link from mari's site. YOU are very good! I am also a fan of art and have visited quite a lot of museums ... your works are up there!
I also have an art blog, please visit when you have a chance:
Click here